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Download Jewish holidays and Hebrew dates for Microsoft Outlook, i Phone, i Pad, Mac OS X Desktop Calendar, Android (via Google Calendar), or to any desktop program that supports i Calendar (.ics) files Get started » We're part of the Open Source Judaism movement.

Embed content directly onto your synagogue website with our Java Script, JSON and RSS APIs, available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

You can add some, all, or none of the extensions – it’s completely up to you.

It’s obvious that Roman is looking to push the app with the help of other developers, though.

In his post for Dash Clock, he points out that the app is “extensible,” meaning the API is available for other developers to build in support for their apps, so that the lock screen widget can display an even greater amount of info.

In just a few minutes with Dash Clock, I can tell you that I’m a fan.

In lenient mode, all calendar fields are normalized.

These numbers are taken from the locale resource data when a of the previous year.

The normalization and validation are handled by the field is 12 in some years, and 13 in other years in the Hebrew calendar system.

The default implementation of this method uses an iterative algorithm to determine the actual maximum value for the calendar field.

The following are the default combinations of the calendar fields.

The most recent combination, as determined by the most recently set single field, will be used.

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